best snook fishing locations

The Best Snook fishing locations in Florida

Florida is a fisherman’s paradise. Hundreds of miles of coastline offer a wide variety of fishing experiences for anglers of every kind. The state’s unique offers access to the gulf of Mexico, reefs, shipwrecks, estuaries, bays, inlets, ponds, and rivers, enough to keep even the most voracious fisherman busy indefinitely.

However, the cream of the crop comes from mangroves. That’s where the powerful and beautiful Snook likes to call home, and it’s one of the best game fish around. Here’s where to catch ’em.

Bishop’s Harbor – Tampa Bay

Bishop’s Harbor is located at the Southern edge of Tampa Bay. It’s surrounded by a preserve, providing a ton of great living space for Snook, and many opportunities for patient anglers. The mangroves on the coast that surround the area are the best place to hunt for big Snook.

Crossroads Area – Stuart, Florida

On Florida’s Atlantic coast, there is an extraordinary place where the St. Lucie and Indian rivers meet. This area is known as the crossroads, and it’s the place to be for snook fishing.

The area’s cozy atmosphere makes it a prime vacation spot, and you’ll quickly discover that it has almost as many Snook as it does tourists. From Sewall’s Point to the Indian River, if you search docks, extensions, and other water structures, you’ll find huge Snook waiting for you in the depths.

Snook Alley – Sarasota, Florida

The aptly named Snook Alley does not dissappoint. This fishing hot spot is located on the intracoastal waterway between Sarasota and Venice, Florida, and it boasts one of the largest Snook populations in Florida.

While fishing at any time of the day is great, it’s a dusk where the real wins are to be had. Spend your time by the lighted docks, and you’ll find that they draw huge numbers of bait fish and shrimp, a buffet for big Snook.

Chamber Canal- Indian River Lagoon

If you find yourself in or around Vero Beach, then it might be worth heading out to the Indian River Lagoon. This body of water is not really a river at all, but actually more like a large saltwater canal.

Look around for docks, pockets, and big structures in the water, and you’ll likely find Snook a-plenty waiting for you. There are also a lot of them in the mangroves a long the shore, but be wary, Snook are crafty and will try to tangle your line up and escape.

Stump Pass – Grove City, Florida

Sandwiched between Don Pedro Island and Manasota Key, Stump Pass is a beautiful little park that has fantastic fishing opportunities. If you’ve got a kayak, then this suddenly becomes an even better fishing spot, as you can position yourself in places other anglers can’t reach. In addition to Snook, you can also catch some nice Red Snappers in this area.

Tarpon Bend – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tarpon Bend is an urban saltwater fishing paradise. It’s a unique fishery, and where the Tarpon River meets the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale, there are fish all around.

Not only can you find huge Bass and Tarpon, but there are also tons of Snook in these waters just waiting for you. Spring and fall are generally the best times to fish these waters.